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Household appliances industry

Verification of installation of components

System tasks

System tasks

The purpose of the robotic inspection station, based on a multi-camera vision system, is to verify the correctness of manufacture and assembly of the system of copper pipes that are part of the heat pump.

The system first verifies the placement of the copper tubes. For the heat pump to function properly, it is important that the tubes that comprise it are at the correct distance from one another and from the other components of the pump. Through the use of a 3D camera, the system is able to control the position of the tested elements in space. The next stage is to verify the tightness of the soldered joints. The pump installation is filled with technical gas and it is important to maintain its tightness. The vision system determines the points to which the robot directs the tool that collects an air sample from around the joint of copper elements for analysis.

Software features

  • The inspection is not based on a rigid standard but, in each case, on the designated base point of a given component. This eliminates the need for perfect basing of the component, which is important for technological reasons,
  • Simple, quick modification of parameters, determining the correct position of the tested components,
  • Detailed information about detected irregularities sent to the PLC allows necessary corrections to be made in the production process,
  • Full visualization and archiving of analysis results with the possibility of later review.
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