ul. Generała Józefa Sowińskiego 11, Gliwice 44-121, Poland

Vision systems are our specialty

We offer comprehensive solutions for vision systems, industrial automation and technological machines for the industry.

For our Clients, we implement the following:

  • modern vision systems, also based on the Deep Learning method,
  • SCADA technological processes supervision and control systems,
  • control of drives, servos, robots, actuating elements of machines and devices,
  • programming and creation of innovative applications.

“The more (...) absurd a given incident is, the more attention it requires, and the detail which seems to complicate the issue, after appropriate logical and scientific analysis, becomes the one that sheds the light on the matter”. 

This citation by Arthur Conan Doyle reflects our approach well. We always look for solutions with investigative precision, meticulously checking every detail, and the more the issue is complicated, the more satisfaction a job well done gives us. This strategy, which we have been using for many years now, works perfectly.

We always implement our projects in the following stages:

Confirmed efficiency of our solutions

We invite you to check our selected implementations.

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